You will receive compensation for your donations. You may have an opportunity to receive up to $1000 per week for participating in our Plasma Donation Program. Timing is critical. Please call us immediately.


Antibody Plasma Donors Needed

Who is Needed?

If you have been recently diagnosed or are currently being treated for

*Lupus (SLE)   *Rubella    *Mononucleosis    *Mumps / Measles

*Anti Streptolysin-O   *Lyme Disease *Rheumatoid Arthritis

*Autoimmune / Anti-Nuclear Antibody Disease

*Antiphospholipid / Cardiolipin Antibody Syndrome

*And other specialty infectious or auto-immune disorders

A special need exists for patients with any of the above conditions.

Many of the treatment options available today for these disorders

have been made possible thanks to special antibody donors like YOU.

Now that your interested…What’s next?... Call 

Keystone Biologicals, Inc.

   Tel: 215-675-2500

email: info@keystonebiologicals.com


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